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What’s the story?

Barack Obama once said, ‘no one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion.’ His words are undeniably a powerful statement concerning racism, but they are also far more expansive. In every culture, people live out stories that have been created by humans who cameContinue reading “What’s the story?”

Life in the Balance

So the Man, the Husband, has been home from work for two weeks. He surprised me most spectacularly, turning up and ringing the doorbell a couple of weeks ago, about two weeks ahead of when I was expecting him back. He informs me that the words of greeting I spouted were ‘holy shit sticks you’reContinue reading “Life in the Balance”

Lost: One sense of humour

When I first started this blog some years ago, as a memoir of my adventures in Los Angeles, it leaned toward comical. I am a massive believer in laughter and not taking life too seriously wherever possible. Sadly, it transpires that I may have lost my sense of witty writing, somewhere over the Atlantic ocean.Continue reading “Lost: One sense of humour”

Stranger Days

One of the things I find incredibly strange during this time of COVID-19 is the stock piling of ammunition and weapons. If the result of this for humanity is that people are willing to kill for the sakes of toilet roll or a piece of chicken then we really are in trouble. I like toContinue reading “Stranger Days”

A muddy ending

This morning I went for a glorious walk in a nearby woods. The walk was full of breezes, bird song, spring and signs a plenty. It was on this long walk I slipped over and reached a not exactly monumental decision. The woodland paths were thick with mud and as I peaked the top ofContinue reading “A muddy ending”

Oh sod it all!!

It has been one of those types of weeks. I have felt miserable and stressed. My Thyroid illness hasn’t helped and when the MRI that was finally meant to put my mind at rest about the old tits thing got cancelled due to a broken machine, then re-booked and then moved again it really didn’tContinue reading “Oh sod it all!!”

The Greatest Showman

I love this film. Loads of people love this film and I believe it’s because the timing of its release is perfect. We are at a point in time where we all need to believe that we can strive for better, whilst also being grounded to remember what’s really important. And it’s not the ‘stuff’Continue reading “The Greatest Showman”

He’s here!!

So I didn’t write at weekend because I did a mid week piece and had nothing else to say. I spent much of the week in a pretty low mood due to finding out my Hashimoto’s has got worse. Silver lining is it does explain my severe mood swings and excessive tiredness, well described byContinue reading “He’s here!!”


Since this blog was set up to keep my friends and family of England updated on my adventures in America, and since I’m no longer in America, I’m not really sure it still has a point or what to write if I’m honest. So I shall tell some realities of moving home. One, it’s kindContinue reading “Hmmmm?”

Tears in LA

In my last few days in LA as I struggled with the sadness myself of leaving, so did the city itself cry. The downpours of rain kissed a final goodbye to Little Britain in Playa Del Rey taking with it our trusty Union Jack rug from our balcony. All this said I (and a fairContinue reading “Tears in LA”

My weekend in Hawaii

The morning i prepared to leave Maui I wanted to cry. I’m not sure exactly why. The fact that I knew the end of this American adventure was less than a week away. The fact that Maui itself is so perfect its impossible to want to leave. Either way it was sad because Maui, especiallyContinue reading “My weekend in Hawaii”

Easing back in

So it appears my two week writing break turned into something a little longer. I was terribly distracted by a number of things from which I bring great news. I was enjoying spending time with Man in Canadia, then I was not so much enjoying packing up final elements of my life in LA, whichContinue reading “Easing back in”

Happy Holidays!!

Wishing you all a super happy holiday season. May you all get the time to relax and spend time with people you love. I’m going to be adventuring up in Canada so will of course be unable to physically be in the proximity of lots of important people to me. However I will be thereContinue reading “Happy Holidays!!”

Destiny Cake

I said I’d update you all on my destiny and cooking this week. There is both a short term and longer term destiny. For now however, I’m so caught up in the short term pressing issue of needing to pack up my life in LA, I can not take you on the adventure of myContinue reading “Destiny Cake”

Sartorial insanity

It is strange that one of the biggest things playing on my mind at the moment is my wardrobe, or more precisely I should say the items in the wardrobe. I’ve always been a keen follower of fashion. Over the years I hoarded 100’s of copies of Vogue magazine, keenly followed The Clothes Show inContinue reading “Sartorial insanity”


This likely only means something to people who resided in the UK in the last 20 years and not all of those will get it either. However, last night a colleague was filming a short Instagram story as we found ourselves unable to get into Chateau Marmont for a little tipple. Unexpected entertainment came fromContinue reading “Newsflash”

Ballsed that one up

I read in relation to the Autoimmune Paleo protocol that most people mess up at the end of the elimination phase when they rush to re-introduce everything, thereby not easing their body back in and not giving the space necessary to work out which of the various known allergens are affecting them. Well they’re notContinue reading “Ballsed that one up”

Holding pattern

Sorry guys literally as per the title. I’ve been flying back to LA this weekend. I feel drained and tired and failed to write. I will say that Air New Zealand is far to superior to any other airline I have ever flown and I’ve flown a lot. They offer true non dairy milk asContinue reading “Holding pattern”

Boobing brilliant

Short mid-term post to let anyone who read this and heard of my woes, hear the good news. And the good news is… Having secured an appointment with a highly regarded UK breast cancer consultant today I had another scan and he said there is nothing abnormal showing that would cause him to biopsy neverContinue reading “Boobing brilliant”

Cakes away!!!

Over the past months I’ve been doing lots of research into Hashimoto’s Autoimmune condition which I was diagnosed with in the early summer. In simple terms an autoimmune condition is when your own antibodies turn on your body, the good parts, not just any nasties that have been hanging around. In the case of Hashimoto’sContinue reading “Cakes away!!!”


What an unusual title you may think, but I wanted to discuss an issue that is affecting me and tens of thousands of others globally. I’m currently in the midst of what is commonly referred to as a breast cancer ‘scare’, which is a fair choice of phrase I think, as it is a bitContinue reading “Tits”

Sinners & Saints

Perhaps not as interesting a piece as you might expect. Largely it’s about cake. The image of the day is of Sinners & Saints bakery on Lincoln Blvd. I’ve mentioned them before but they’re so amazing they deserve a whole piece. They are the only bakery that I’ve been to that prove gluten free, dairyContinue reading “Sinners & Saints”


It is here that we shall complete the journey into Europe that I took a couple of weeks ago, yet feels like it was an eternity ago sadly. The downside of which is…can I even remember what I did? And the answer is ‘yes as there is a memory trigger’. And the question is ‘whatContinue reading “Sweden”


This piece understandably has a more somber tone than the usual holiday post and deserves a space of its own. Whilst in Germany we visited Dacau, known as the blue print for Hitlers Concentration camps. It was a sobering and eye opening experience not least of all, as it served as a reminder of howContinue reading “Dacau”

Germany & Sweden

I’d say we arrived in Munich upbeat and raring to go, admittedly it was more half asleep and desperate for our beds. Nonetheless, having joined forces with our gang of merry man and women we soldiered on to hit the town after our delayed flights landed us 5 hrs late. Munich centre itself is stunningContinue reading “Germany & Sweden”

Catalina Wine Mixing

Last weekend saw our return to the Catalina Wine Mixer. I am now hollibobbing in Germany trying to recount the festivities to write about them and quite frankly I may have mixed a bit too much and am struggling. Importantly the wine mixer marked one year of the lovely Man being around so that aloneContinue reading “Catalina Wine Mixing”

Grace, Grit, Gratitude

Sadly I’ve had no new comical spooky experiences with which to bring joy to the world. By the end of yesterday I did feel like death incarnate mind you. Yesterday we did 16.5 miles of hiking, gaining 4,650 ft in elevation to reach the summit of San Bernardino Peak at 10,600 ft. It was aContinue reading “Grace, Grit, Gratitude”

Comedy of errors

A worryingly sad reminder of our impatience and expectation for instant results and responses came last week, via what I can only refer to as a comedy of errors. Whilst in the UK working I left my laptop cable at head office, not realizing until I got back to my parents a 3 hour driveContinue reading “Comedy of errors”

Oh it’s Sunday again

What a week. It’s flown by. For anyone who lives away from home whether in a foreign country or a long distance within your own country, I’m sure you’re accustomed to trying to fit so much in. I’ve been back for one week and it feels both like an eternity and no time at all.Continue reading “Oh it’s Sunday again”

In the twilight zone

Perhaps not quite in the twilight zone but that moment when you’re not sleeping properly due to jet lag. So it’s 2.47am and you’re wide awake despite only 8 hours sleep in the last two days. What to do… write, or at least start to write a blog post of course. I may fall asleepContinue reading “In the twilight zone”

Num num in my tum

All I wish to talk about today is these cupcakes. Straight from Sinners & Saints bakery on Lincoln Ave, Los Angeles. I have every intent of eating both of them to myself this very afternoon! These cupcakes are what keep the whole Hashimoto, no dairy no gluten thing, acceptable. They are pure joy in bakeryContinue reading “Num num in my tum”

Mind me migraine

Sadly this weekend has not been quite as intended. Following my unplanned extended travel from East to West, that left me with approximately 4 hours sleep in 48hrs, my weekend began with a severe migraine. My migraine triggered bleckyness also (hopefully the meaning of that is decipherable to all), leaving me confined to barracks forContinue reading “Mind me migraine”

Hatred of travel

Most people who travel frequently for work will tell you it ain’t as glamorous as it seems. Tonight we have another delay. I haven’t even left my departing airport yet although I was due to over 3 hrs ago. As a result I miss my connection. Meaning I don’t get to destination tonight but IContinue reading “Hatred of travel”

Haha hoho

Found him. Hoho as Pooh Bear might say to a heffalump, although thankfully this small fellow was non so fierce. Whilst working away and casually not looking for the white squirrels of Trinity Bellwoods, who should I spy out my window. So here is the photographic evidence of the white squizzel and that i amContinue reading “Haha hoho”

Today it rained

Today I was inspired to write early by an unexpected downpour that happened to be in Toronto, yet location is kind of irrelevant. Except the reason I was outdoors was in search of the elusive white squirrels of Trinity Bellwoods in said city. As I was crawling amongst the undergrowth I noticed the skies darkenContinue reading “Today it rained”

Middle Earth

Well not quite Middle Earth more middle America or maybe it is middle earth if you believe in an above and below earth – hmmm one to ponder hey. The point is that this week I’ve been in the mid-west and the mid-west is pretty darned nice. It was admittedly a flying visit with oneContinue reading “Middle Earth”


So this week I was diagnosed as having the autoimmune disorder, disease, whatever you wish to call it, Hashimoto Thyroiditis. In simple terms my own body is trying to kill off its own thyroid gland and in turn send various of my other organs into slow mode. I am not alone although it’s frequency seemsContinue reading “Hashiwhatto?”

My Mayan

This week I continue on my journey toward the light (oh how I can imagine a few choice faces inadvertently being pulled as you read! Hehe) and as part of this I went to a lecture by an ancient Mayan teacher. It is so intriguing to watch how the movements of today were part ofContinue reading “My Mayan”

Damn that key

Today started well with 9am yoga bringing zen like calm to my inner being, ready to be further expanded later as I would be uplifted to make it to my 5.30pm Kundalini yoga class at the Ra Ma institute in Venice (Ra means Sun and Ma means moon). Following a nice lunch local to home,Continue reading “Damn that key”

All gone quiet

That is I went quiet. I was enjoying time with Man and failed to find anything I could give enough time too aside from badgering him. Bad blogging form right? Yeah I know but I can live with that, and I know you can all live without my voice in your head; after all ourContinue reading “All gone quiet”

These days

Some days you just have to do the stuff you’d rather delay. In this case my UK tax return preparation (I’m too lazy or easily confused to do the full return myself so I only pull the info together and hand over). I have combined tax return with Yoga, Running, Astrology and a Sound bath.Continue reading “These days”

What’s occurring?

Well what indeed you ask, and I ask, and many others might ask. I am reading a fantastic book. It’s highly unusual for me to read non fiction but that is what today’s choice is and I’m already half way through. My book of choice is ‘Who thought this was a good idea?’. The bookContinue reading “What’s occurring?”


So basically I was so totally relaxed this Sunday I forgot to write anything. I did have a very busy weekend planned but on the back of a stressful week I decided to clear out and give some time back to me. Yes doesn’t that sound so self indulgent and very of the time, butContinue reading “Yogaaaahhh”

Creeping up to San Jacinto

Today I hiked San Jacinto Peak with a summit elevation of 10,834 ft. The creeping doesn’t so much refer to the ascent of the mountain as the travel to reach the mountain and more specifically the lodgings of the night before. However, before I digress fully I should today like to refer you to pictureContinue reading “Creeping up to San Jacinto”

NYC bound

This is not a story from Law & Order: SVU, rather I am simply in the process of heading to NYC for a few days with work. I’ve just had a lovely couple of days with the Man and having dropped him at the airport earlier I am about to head back there myself. AnContinue reading “NYC bound”

Chi town and Wiscaansin

Obviously or perhaps not, yet in the title I refer to Chicago and Wisconsin. I attempted to write Wisconsin as per the accent but my phonetic spelling is probably as bad as my attempt to do the accent itself. Irrelevant to all of the former blurb I am here for work. The trip started withContinue reading “Chi town and Wiscaansin”

Get away!

I was having a nice quiet relaxed breakfast in my favorite breakfast place (Bette’s Ocean View Cafe on 4th St, Berkeley that doesn’t actually have any ocean views). The place is for a change pretty empty. I’m sat at the breakfast bar rather than at a table and the rest of breakfast bar is empty.Continue reading “Get away!”

Get out!

So today I have been back on the road visiting a whole variety of existing and potential customers. This has thoroughly inspired and uplifted me. There has been a need to push through desk work recently. Apart from the work itself needing completion I also felt the ‘office’ time was needed as a balance toContinue reading “Get out!”

Misery part two….🤪

Nah not really I just felt like putting that as a title. Things aren’t miserable – it’s the weekend. The sun has been shining even if hidden behind clouds and the grass (or at least palm trees) are green and the sky is blue (well gray blue but whatever). I’ve not got a lot planned.Continue reading “Misery part two….🤪”


Thankfully there has not been some re-enactment of the movie itself as that would scare the bejesus out of me, unless it was the Dawn French version of course which is pure comedy. I’m late posting because my brain is an empty vessel of anything positive to say. Then I remember that one lovely personContinue reading “Misery”


Leaving never gets easier that’s for sure. There is no doubt I’m living out an amazing opportunity that offers a great life adventure. Nonetheless it never gets easier having to leave home; in any adventure there are times that aren’t as perfect as it may seem from the outside or on social media. It’s notContinue reading “Homesick”

Ageing ungracefully

What I have learnt in the last week is that I’m too old for all the partying. That’s not to say I can’t do it; trust me I just spent a week doing exactly that. I can’t however recover so well. Approximately 13 hrs sleep in total over 3 days, followed by a Friday allContinue reading “Ageing ungracefully”

Northern Warmth

Having discovered our Bed & Breakfast was on the edge of Chatsworth Park I decided this was inspiration enough to get my self out for another morning run, and I was duly rewarded. My first reward was in the form of the views with the sun rising over the gentle morning mist, shining off theContinue reading “Northern Warmth”

Praise the cake

As my travels took me homeward once more I have been embracing my love of old buildings and glorious English countryside, which even in the miserable weather is amongst the most uplifting in all the world in my humble opinion. We’ve visited the beautiful Chatsworth house and gardens, Buxton which is a delightful old SpaContinue reading “Praise the cake”

NY See

This week I have once more been in the Big Apple. Probably the highlight of the trip was being upgraded to Business Class for my return flight! What a wonderful surprise and I am getting mentally prepared to savour every minute of it. Since it probably won’t happen again anytime soon. Food was another highlightContinue reading “NY See”

Mount Wilson

So this summer myself and two friends have signed up to do the So Cal Six Pack. This is the ascending of the 6 highest peaks in Southern California within a set time period. We’ve actually done between 2 and 4 of them each previously, but this is about doing all 6 in the sameContinue reading “Mount Wilson”

Out of the park

Next on my Canadian adventures was a road trip across the mountains from Kelowna to Vancouver. Thankfully I was a chauffeured passenger and got to enjoy the views. The pass coming up to Merrit was pretty much okay weather wise whilst also very pretty with all the mountains, fir trees and snow. From Merrit theContinue reading “Out of the park”

Kanga & Roo

In truth half the reason I wrote about TV in my last post is because I guiltily must confess that a large proportion of time in Kelowna was spent watching TV. Awful I know, but the theory is I’ll be back plenty more times to make up for this. All this said we did conductContinue reading “Kanga & Roo”


So I’ve been up in Kelowna. Whilst I shall have far more interesting stories to share of my travels themselves, this initial snippet relates more to British TV. Since this is my hollibobbing long Easter weekend it was imperative the time be used to relax. Therefore much lazy time was dedicated to ‘Netflix and chill’Continue reading “Reminiscing”


This post perhaps deserves its own singular focus or more to the point I forgot about it when writing my previous post so decided to do a short one. Since I made my TV debut this week how could I possibly not feature it. We have a wonderful customer in Denver, Colorado called National InteriorContinue reading “Fame”


So I wasn’t sure what to write about this week, since I’ve had a busy one travelling to NYC with work and nothing notable occurred, save for a mild migraine causing me to attend the majority of a training session with a wet face cloth on my head. Then this weekend I went to roofContinue reading “Coed”


As it happens I’m not having a snoozefest but I’m day dreaming of one and hoping I can get a mini one on the flight I’ll be shortly boarding. I am braving the red eye, otherwise known as the over night flight to New York JFK and hoping it can give me a good night.Continue reading “Snoozefest”


This has been a roadtrippy kinda week. We started early on Monday and have covered Seattle and Portland this week undoubtedly passing many the wonderful towns and views in between, yet they will be for another day because we had a schedule to keep. Monday began with bitter disappointment when Deru Market in Kirkland, SeattleContinue reading “Things”

Simple things

Back to work this week and it’s been pretty hectic; catching up from being away and planning for what will be a busy couple of months of travel and moving house. Again. Anyway the point of the post is more about how one approaches the busy mind that comes with this. I can’t deny I’veContinue reading “Simple things”

Murder on ice floor…

The next great adventure of Yellowknife was somewhat less environmental. In fact it left me smelling like a fuel drum for the remainder of the trip. What was this joy? Snow mobiling (is that what you call it or did I make that up? Looks weird) Anyway, it was great fun, despite the irritating touristContinue reading “Murder on ice floor…”

Under the diamond skies

So this last week I have been adventuring with Man up in Yellowknife, NWT, Canada. The trip got off to a fine start when my initial flight out of LA was delayed by two hours due to problems with the fuel guage and leaking water. Admittedly these are the type of things I’m rather happyContinue reading “Under the diamond skies”

Oh, Canada

I love the way we get such variances in languages between countries. Take for example the Canadian description of whole milk in the featured photo. Man is forever amazed at my Brit language choice – highlights including the old hollibobs, jollybobs if it’s a particularly fun time away or bobs if it’s just a weekend.Continue reading “Oh, Canada”


This week I attended my first Modernism week. An annual affair in Palm Springs that celebrates the mid-century Modern design aesthetic. It really was quite the vibrant affair. Bright and colorful design, blue skies, green palms, golden sun and some of the most colorful of characters as well. A highlight, was totally unrelated to anyContinue reading “Modernism”

Ah to be out

LA is a strange old place. Probably in general. Certainly to many people and probably in a different way for me. As a country bumpkin who, save for living on the edge of Sheffield at University (during which time I spent most weekends in the Peak District), I have pretty much lived in villages orContinue reading “Ah to be out”

Beautiful Broadway

So having had my mini rant about the anxiety creating frantic pace of New York, I now speak of its glory. And it’s crowning glory surely might be Broadway. Last night with a work colleague I hit Broadway to watch Wicked for the first time. What a show. So emerald. So songful. So fabulous! NothingContinue reading “Beautiful Broadway”

Gimme a break

So I’m in NYC and whilst on many levels I love this city it also gives me anxiety and I doubt I could survive in this city for too long without flipping my lid. It’s 7.30am, I’m sitting down to my breakfast. Firstly, dairy free is still not well catered for here in general itContinue reading “Gimme a break”

Phone Home!!

Anyone who has lived for a period of time overseas, or indeed just a fair distance away from family and friends is most likely to be familiar with the FaceTime phenomenom. It’s glory and the moments of self loathing that temporarily hit as on an early morning you realise how shocking you can actually look.Continue reading “Phone Home!!”

No pain no gain

So this weekend had a strange gait to it and by that I refer to my own ministry of funny walks. On Friday I went to the gym for a work out and my absurd Kiwi trainer friend was true to his words when he said the exercises we were doing would ‘ache a bit’.Continue reading “No pain no gain”


In this instance I do not refer to our long standing Monarch that gave name to an era of architecture of which I am very fond. Rather I refer to the place that is Victoria, BC, Canada. Where indeed there is much of the architecture that I admire. I am just travelling back from aContinue reading “Victoria”

Too cool for school

Today I was out and about in Los Angeles sampling various delights of culture that were clearly far to cool for me. One eatery states for our clarity that the water served is filtered by reverse osmosis. Important to know I feel. Most worrying is to imagine the person who sits down reads that andContinue reading “Too cool for school”

Feeling hot hot hot

This is going to be short and sweet. That feeling after a couple of long days at work. You arrive home late on a flight and want to treat yourself. Not a lot in the house (surprise surprise, generally you find more edible things in a dumpster than my place). The first thing I doContinue reading “Feeling hot hot hot”

One week on

One week on and I’ve made it back to Flowerboy Project! And it has not disappointed with a delicious Lavender Boy Latte!! Perfect combination to the last couple of chapters of my book (still House of Spines, which is a bit spooky and late night reading leads to spooky dreams!). Aside from my return visitContinue reading “One week on”

Westward leading

I am now back on Californian time. As ever it was amazing to see the folks back home and incredibly hard to head away again. I selfishly spent a lot of the Christmas holidays on poor form. Not intentionally but rather due to jet lagged lack of sleep for five days turning me into aContinue reading “Westward leading”

Jet lag

Jet lag is highly lonely place to be over Christmas in a full household. I’m on night number three of waking up at 2.30am and being unable to get back to sleep (it’s now 5.17am). Thankfully this night I have a catty friend to keep me company. Occasional knocking my phone directly out of myContinue reading “Jet lag”

A poignant Christmas reminder before we enter 2018

Oddly I came across this reminder from the classic British series ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special. In December 1914 during the heart of a most destructive, painful and heart breaking war two opposing sides unexpectedly broke with the death and destruction, walked up into no mans land and shared a game of football, some carol singing,Continue reading “A poignant Christmas reminder before we enter 2018”

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