A Holiday Fireplace

I have recently been introduced to the joys of the Holiday Fireplace. On the television. WTF you may well say. However in Canada and America this is a thing.

On many a level it does make perfect sense a rolling loop of a cracking fire that roars to life in front of your eyes at the touch of a button. Indeed for the many of us not blessed with an actual living fire place in our homes and inability to install a gas one due to regulations, it is the only real alternative. It does fall somewhat flat though for me I have to say. Like flat on the screen get it?! No that’s not what I meant of course.

I have tried to get down with the excitement of it and in fact credit to my wonderful friend who hosted the most fabulous Christmas onesie party, I believe in that environment we found the perfect success placement of a holiday fireplace.

It seems in America there are various different Holiday fires to choose from, I actually found out that a few years ago a friend of one of my work colleagues had her fire recorded for one. In Canada there seems to be the one fire beloved by the nation. Originated in Edmonton yet now staged from Vancouver. The excitement of waiting for the periodic arrival of ‘the man who stokes/ pokes the fire’ is quite something. It seems this unknown man has quite a following too with a variety of friend and marriage requests coming in, yet they will not release his identity, only leave a little teaser to the ladies that he is still single. And indeed if it’s the same guy from the start of the fireplace fame he’s probably pretty damned old too.

Taking my over the pond Christmas traditions forward further still after pressure from Canada and America I ended up watching ‘A Christmas Story’. It’s a classic over here. Sadly I fell asleep within it and sadly I have to share that based on what I saw I will not be re-attempting to watch it and instead will stick with my personal favourite ‘A muppets Christmas Carol’.

I am yet to find an occasion when someone says to me ‘you have to see this film it’s a classic’ or ‘it’s a cult classic’ that I have ended up liking it.

Anyway, in approximately one week from now I am going to be enjoying the roaring log fire of a certain homely address in Herefordshire, England and I can not wait. A real log fire is what winter is all about. I can only hope England in her glory has saved me a bit of snow!

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