Waxing hysterical

So this happened.

I went to a local beauty haunt that offered threading. For those that don’t know this is a method of removing hair in order to tidy up eyebrows or remove a lady-tache – come on ladies sometimes this stuff happens and needs to be dealt with. Back me up here.

Anyway, I innocently requested my threaded removal of said lady-tache and was lead through to a side room for the activity to take place. Following the usual eye watering and wince worthy extraction of said tache I thought all was done. How wrong could I be.

The next thing I feel is a hot wax strip slapped straight onto the side of my right cheek and rip. Yep, the lady was waxing my face and having ripped the first strip straight off she began to tell me how much I needed this. Allegedly it was to help my makeup sit better because she could see how the powder was not setting properly and also my face would be smooth as a babies bottom. Not really sure how I feel about my face being compared to any backside, not particularly flattering. With half a cheek done I didn’t feel I could do anything except let her continue since I would be wop sided.

Several tears later and my face was free of any trace of hair imaginable. And, much as I hate to admit it. It was smooth as, well I’m not sure I’m going to say baby’s bottom as that makes me feel a little unwell, but it was indeed super smooth like the finest quality marble of the face world.

The lady successfully carried out an unrequested service for which she happily charged me extra. I did indeed have no lady-tache and a smooth visage. Not sure I’ll be doing this again. That I said, I can’t say I was against it post event as I thought I was when the shock of it first took hold!

The picture today is not entirely related but this was me post wax, so perhaps you can see how smooth my face looks?

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