Portion control

You know you’ve eaten too much when your seatbelt in the car locks down on you preventing you reaching yours snacks during a long journey. This is exactly what happened to me last week whilst we were traveling around the San Francisco Bay Area. How distressing to watch the honey baked pretzel delights jumping around the back seat of the car and being powerless to reach them; indeed almost powerless to breath so tight was the lock down my belt had me in. I imagine this must be how wrestlers in a headlock must feel.

This was a rather extreme form of weight management although I wonder whether some variation could gain some headway for those who favor a stricter approach to weight loss. Generally in America I have found in my vegan friendly, healthy spot of Venice that portions are of a fairly normal standard. This quite contrary to my previous experiences travelling in America where my starters were generally the size of a super sized meal. I imagine ultimately in LA where the majority of people appear to be trying to make it in ‘the industry’, much more than a lettuce leaf can be offensive for a single sitting.

Indeed they do say the camera adds 10 pounds. In my experience any device that captures imagery of my good self adds in excessive of this in odd locations with a complimentary deranged maniac facial expression thrown in for good measure – what help food control could do to help me I’m really not sure. When it comes to the issue of me on camera, I believe I am quite beyond help. 

Side note: I am also becoming quite obsessed with donuts, they even have donut holes, the little bit of donut that would be in the centre of a ring donut, if they actually made them by chopping the middle out. Which they don’t, but if they did. I don’t know what else to say about it all. The other weekend 3 of us ate 12 donuts within about 20 minutes between us. It was good. 

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